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School and Family Support

Welcome to Samphire South West

       We provide: 

  • Support for Children with Challenging Learning Needs or Emotional Difficulties: 
  • Support  Packages for Schools: 
  • Support for Families: 
  • Training

Welcome to Samphire South West. We have a wide range of experience in working in family and educational settings to provide help, support and strategies to help children in crisis, together with their carers and educators. We can also help parents/carers to work with children who find it hard to cope with everyday tasks like going to school, going to the shops, socialising etc; all the things that make up our every day lives. These hurdles may be caused by a diagnosed condition or by a multitude of other reasons. We recognise that it can be an exhausting battle just coping and that all too often others are judging us and the way we parent because they have no understanding of our child. 

We believe that looking after children with emotional/behavioural disorders is an emotionally and physically exhausting process and that the child's carers/school staff need support too. That means giving yourself permission to be kind and, where needed, to pamper yourself. It also means checking out your beliefs and strategies, so that you have confidence that you are doing the best you can.

We believe that every child comes into the world with an inner desire to be a good person, to be loved and nurtured, and to love and nurture others. Above all they need to feel that they are understood.

Samphire South West will meet with families to look at the challenges that you face and we will work together with all who are around your child (families, schools and other professionals) to provide support or training in an individual package that will fit your child. Please take time to look round our website to get to know us, discover our values, and find out more about what we can offer. If you want to have a chat, just ring or email.

For schools we will come in and talk about the needs oyour pupil. We can suggest strategies to support the child and provide training to your staff in a whole school approach. We understand the realities of working in a school, and recognise that teachers are all different and teach in line with their personalities. Often schools face the conflict of putting systems in place that work brilliantly for most children, but then leave others struggling to cope. There are rarely simple answers, but by working together we can make positive things happen.