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School and Family Support

Who we are

Mike Thwaite
Mike has spent over 30 years working with young people and their families. He started by working on the early YTS and other unemployment schemes for school leavers. He quickly realised that  many young people were struggling, not because they were lazy  but because they had unresolved emotional needs or undiagnosed learning difficulties. He spent many years battling bureaucracy to get the authorities to accept that these people needed help and he worked across a range of cultures and backgrounds to give young people the support they needed to be successful in society.

He also worked with 18 - 24 year old care leavers in Gloucestershire before spending 10 years working with children who have learning difficulties in a special needs school in Devon. Mike has become very familiar with supporting children and their families who have had to deal with a range of disabilities, especially autism and attachment problems.

Mike the Person

Mike is a good listener with a gentle personality. He believes strongly that clients and their families should be good to themselves so that they can value the battles that they have been through and the achievements that they have won.

"It is never easy or quick when you are dealing with emotional problems or learning difficulties, but it can make the world of difference if you have someone walking alongside you who understands and who is there to support you and help you find strategies to succeed".

Nicole Yaffey

Nicole has a background in Education and training for many years. She was an Education and Welfare Officer in the lake district, where she worked with families and schools to make their education successful. She provided packages that were as individual as the children and families that were on her caseload. In Cornwall she worked with Traveller Education ensuring that children's educational needs from these communities were met. She also worked as a professional trainer for a multi-national pharmaceutical company, training GPs and Pharmacists in the use of newly prescribed drugs.

More recently Nicole has worked to support students with mental health difficulties, helping them to cope, both with their university courses, and everyday living. She is a trained hypnotherapist, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) and Lifecoach. She has been a practising lay Buddhist for many years and takes a therapeutic approach to life.

Nicole the Person

Nicole is reflective and compassionate with a gentle outlook. She loves working with people in an empowering way. She is guided by her warm caring nature and love of sharing personal growth on life's journey. Her gentle inspirational positivity is delivered through a safe and compassionate approach.